The security of critical infrastructures such as airports, harbours, and railways, is vital to our way of life. Our industry knowledge spans all levels of perimeter security, from hostile vehicle mitigation to deterring criminal damage. We understand that critical infrastructure security needs a layered approach. We can offer a total perimeter security solution specifically tailored to your needs.


Our high-security barriers can be integrated with anti-ram barriers or installed as a stand-alone high perimeter security barrier, proven to provide formidable hostile vehicle mitigation.

Needs to be “Americanized”…”Harbors” Including all marketing material.

With superior anti- corrosion coatings are architectural security barriers are engineered as a stand-alone solution to provided perimeter security in all locations of installation.

Railways and Highways

We understand with installing vast structures of fencing to secure high traffic areas you need a solution that is fast and easy to build, able to cope with sloping surface and undulating ground, and covers a wide range of protection requirements for a long period of time.

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