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Product: Securifor 4D

Securifor 4D system’s unique feature of front and back alternating wires offers increasing rigidity for high security environments requiring detection and surveillance.


  • High security environments
  • Sites using surveillance and detection
  • Sites vulnerable to sabotage
  • Industrial sites
  • Warehouses
  • Infrastructure facilities


Securifor 4D (1/1)
Each horizontal wire alternates between front and back

Securifor 4D (10/10)
A grouping of 10 horizontal wires alternates between front and back

Posts and fixing system

Securifor 4D can be installed on three post types:

Rectangular post system

80 x 60 x 2,5 mm or 120 x 60 x 3,0 mm (depending on the post length). The posts have a single row of M8 threaded inserts. The panels are fixed using specific fixators or full length cover plates and one-way bolts.

Bekafix super post system

Lateral fixing of the panels with special metal security clips with bolts. Welded tubular posts (100 x 54 mm) in H-shape with punched holes for positioning/fixing of the panels. Panels are fixed lateral on this post, with special spider fixators and one way bolts. Posts are provided with a plastic cap.

Bekasecure post system

The Bekasecure post’s design and high yield strength steel provide the ultimate in high security, rigidity and ease of installation. Posts are delivered with a double range of holes 10 x 20 mm and the panel is secured with a continuous cover plate and specific inox security bolts. The open profile of the post allows for electrical or fibre optic cabling and is closed with specific metal cap.

Post profile:

  • 140 x 120 x 3,00 mm (h.fence > 3 m and <4.7 m)
  • 140 x 150 x 5,00 mm (h.fence > 4.7 m)

Panel Securifor 4D

Mesh pattern (H x W): Securifor 4D has a standard mesh of 12,7 x 76,2 mm and standard wire diameter of 4mm

Unique Design

Our unique design of alternating wires (BE-2012/0809 patent pending) lends high security features to a cost effective fencing solution. You can now afford to secure your site with the latest innovation in high security fencing.


Because of its rigid design, Securifor 4D is the ideal fence panel to combine with detection systems. The increased rigidity reduces false alarms and increases accuracy of the alarm’s location on the fence line.

Coating technique

Panels made out of galvanised wires. An adhesion coating is given for perfect adhesion with the polyester coating (min. 100 micron).


Green RAL 6005, Black RAL 9005 and White RAL 9010. More and other colours out of our RAL Collection are available on request.

Assortment Securifor 4D

Fence height (mm)

Panel size (width x height, mm)

Recommended post length (mm)


2520.6 x 1985.2



2520.6 x 2442.4



2520.6 x 3052.0


* complete assortment is MTO. Other heights on request.

Results: Forced Entry - Certified Test: ASTM F2781


Betafence Products

Typical Alternative Product*

Threat level

Securifor® 4D

Securifor® 5D

3/8" Mesh 11 Ga

1/2" Mesh 9 Ga
















Breakthrough time in minutes

* (Typical high security chain link fence used in US prisons)


Exceptional, unique and rigid design

Securifor 4D is the ultimate in heavy weldmesh panel fencing when the highest degree of security is needed. With individual alternating wires (1/1) the panel is 10 times stronger than a flat panel. The Securifor 4D panel with grouped alternating wires (10/10) is 5 times stronger than a flat panel.

ASTM Certified

Securifor 4D is ASTM tested and certified for forced entry and ballistic resistance.

Adequate delay time

Forced entry tests conducted by ASTM produced impressive results. A Low Threat attack took nearly 8 minutes to result in a breach, while a Medium Threat attack required over 5 minutes and an Aggressive Attack under a minute.* Ballistic tests conducted by ASTM showed that Securifor 4D has a 48% chance to stop a 9mm handgun bullet, while a long rifle’s bullet disintegrates and is converted to debris by the panel.


Securifor 4D offers excellent visibility through the fence, essential for use with CCTV and surveillance systems.

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