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Product: Guardian Fence System

The Guardian Fence System® is the original modular steel security fence solution, providing higher strength protection than the best chain link fencing.

Risk-based requirements are achieved by this system through a patented design that allows a variety of configurations, from medium security to high security fencing and partitions.

Betafence USA offers standard configurations, with custom security fencing solutions easily provided. With more than 40 available security mesh panel styles, the Guardian system offers the greatest range of security solutions, from perimeter fencing, partitioning, visual screening barriers and pedestrian and vehicular gates.

Standard Guardian configurations:

For high security fencing applications, the Guardian system features an exceptional "Smart Fence" trenchless integration design, providing a steel conduit/raceway within the fence system for Intrusion Detection, Surveillance, Access Control and Communication fiber optics and cabling, shielding them from view, weathering and vandalism. The system is also capable of incorporating restrictive components such as barbed tape concertina and either cable-based or rail-based vehicular anti-crash resistance.

Retrofit fence projects - increasing perimeter security fencing for any type of facility - is easy and affordable. Fences such as chain link can be easily upgraded without removing existing posts; exact spacing of posts is not a requirement of the Guardian Fence System®.

This system is capable of employing a dual layer of security mesh panels - either the same type, or two different types that may be complementary in nature based on the application. The Guardian system can also use one type mesh style at the bottom of the barrier, and an alternate type arranged vertically based on a particular purpose.

By design, the Guardian Fence System® can be installed more quickly, and at less expense, than other fence solutions providing similar levels of security.


Security Mesh Panels

High strength security mesh panels create an effective anti-cut, anti-climb barrier. With more than 40 available mesh types available, a wide range of risk-based requirements can be easily achieved.

Modular Design

The Guardian system’s modular design makes installation fast and easy, while also providing for affordable upgrade, maintenance and repair.


Guardian system panels and gates are standard with a superior galvanization, and are available with Betafence USA’s exclusive Super-Durable powder coating. This coating provides longer protection from U.V. rays and salt spray than either E-Coat or standard polyester coatings.


Choose from a wide range of gate styles, including pedestrian and drive Swing gates, as well as Slide and Cantilever gates.

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