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Product: Guardian Fence System

The Guardian Fence System, by its nature, provides a superior solution to a wide range of security fence applications.

Depending on the infill material used, the Guardian fence can be made to provide:

  • Anti-Climb Barrier
  • Cutting Deterrence
  • Anti-Ram Barrier and Blast Protection
  • Bullet Proof Barrier
  • Racking on Varying Slope Grades
  • Visual Privacy or Screening
  • Inventory Control
  • Gates to match all configurations
  • Vegetation Trellises with Security

Using heavy gauge sheeting materials, with the option of incorporating razor wire or other restrictive elements, the Guardian Fence System is an ideal High Security choice for:

  • Homeland Security Projects
  • Department of Defense Projects
  • Transportation: Airports, Ports, Rail
  • Chemical & Petroleum Perimeter
  • Industrial & Utility Perimeter
  • Military Bases and Facilities
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Rooftop Enclosures
  • High Security Gates
  • Border Security
  • Crash Barriers

Facilities requiring partitioning, inventory or material controls can benefit from the Guardian Fence System by designing a traditional fence application. And, the system is easily capable of adding a top (roof) enclosure, thoroughly securing the area:

  • Construction Pens
  • Correctional Exercise Pens
  • Secure Areas within Facilities
  • DEA Compliant Enclosures
  • Retail Stores

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