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Environmental Responsibility

An important aspect of Securing What Matters is being environmentally responsible in the products we manufacture, and the processes we use in production. At Betafence USA, we take both aspects seriously, reflected in our commitment to:

Recycled Content Material:

All Betafence USA steel fence pickets, posts, rails and security mesh panels are manufactured using recycled content material. The steel we use in our production originates from "Basic Oxygen Furnace" (BOF) mills and "Electric Arc Furnace" (EAF) mills, both of which incorporate recycled raw material. The result is steel components utilizing between 20% and 95% recycled content material, depending on the product.

Aluminum components - typically within the Guardian Fence System® - are manufactured using 30% recycled content material.

Construction projects seeking LEED credit points for recycled content material (USGBC - LEED 2009 / Version 3, MR Credit 4) can benefit from using fence and gate products manufactured by Betafence USA.

Non-Toxic Material:

The Architectural Grade Powder Coating available on Betafence USA fence panels and gates contains zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants.

Low Waste Production:

All steel scrap in our manufacturing process is collected and recycled, preventing usable material from being sent to landfills.

Our powder coating wash system was specifically designed to recycle water, minimizing waste during this process, and 99 percent of the overspray in our powder coating application is collected and reused.

Additionally, the unique design of our powder coating material allows it to be applied and cured in a process requiring 20% less energy than standard powder coating products.

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