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Solutions for: CFATS / Chemical

As you comply with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security regulations regarding Chemical Facilities Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS), a key component of your Site Security Plan (SSP) will be implementing a Physical Security Barrier Solution that maximizes the three "Ds" of security:

  • Deterrence
    Reduce possible attacks, making your "high-risk" target more of an obvious high-risk for would-be attackers
  • Delay
    Make attacks more difficult, adding time to allow for detection and response
  • Detection
    Identify attacks - before or during the action - and deploy appropriate response

For all "Tiers" covered under CFATS, you will need a strong physical security barrier, giving you a distinct advantage for achieving the risk-based performance of an effective Site Security Plan:

  • Restrict Area Perimeter
    Secure and Monitor the perimeter of a facility
  • Secure Site Assets
    Secure and monitor restricted areas of potentially critical targets within the facility
  • Screen and Control Access
    Control access to the facility and to restricted areas within the facility

Betafence USA is prepared to help you plan for your facility’s physical security barrier with revolutionary, modular fence and barrier systems.

Our team will assist you with drawings, engineering and specifications to ensure your physical barrier solution reflects your facility’s risk-based performance needs.

For all levels of security threats, Betafence USA has a solution for:

  • High Security Perimeter Fencing and Gates
  • Vehicular Anti-Ram Barriers
  • Anti-Ballistic Barriers
  • Anti-Tunnel Barriers
  • Anti-Blast Barriers
  • Partition Barriers

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